"Wicker lamp is a torch placed inside a wooden and wicker shade.It gives off slightly more light than the pure torch and is a nice, decorative item."

Texture: Wicker Lamp
Tool: Axeempty
Block ID: 17
Transparency: Yes
Blocks fluids: No
Luminosity 15
Fuel value 5
Stackable Yes (up to 40)
Flammable Yes
Edible No
Digging method Hacking
Digging Resilience 4
Explosion resilience 0
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0

Creating a wicker lamp out of planks, sticks, and a torch

Wicker lamp is a light source that was implemented in the Alpha 1.1 update. Its lighting range is 15. This makes it slightly stronger than torches. It is better for lighting small rooms, as it has a lot more digging resistance than torches, so the player can't break it accidentally. It has a unique side and top texture, however its bottom texture is the same as planks. Currently this is the only other block than torch and Jack o'lantern that emits light.

Converting a wicker lamp into a wooden plank block

If the player doesn't need it anymore, it can be crafted back to one plank.

Mining Times
Hand 4 secs
Wooden Axe 1.33 secs
Stone Axe 0.8 secs
Iron Axe 0.57 secs