This wiki has five different bans, each one has different purposes, there is T1, T2, T3, T4 & T5.

T1 Ban

The T1 Ban is for minor violations like not filling in the summary, or posting on the articles instead of in the forum. These bans usually start with one warning before the start. Violations include but are not limited to: Minor spam, not filling in the summary, posting on the articles rather than the forum (article comments are only meant to be about the topic on the page), not adding pictures to certain articles when making them or minor profanity.

T2 Ban

The T2 Ban is for slightly more serious violations, but not terribly. Unlike the T1 Ban, this ban does not start off with a warning but a 4 day ban for T2 violations. These violations include spam, creating improper page and/or without admin permission, or profanity

T3 Ban

The T3 Ban is for moderate violations, such as moderate profanity, mass advertising, vandalism, and adding spam pictures. This ban starts with a 1 month ban. Other T3 violations include socking, inserting false info, and block evasion.

T4 Ban

The T4 Ban is far more serious than the T3 ban. T4 violations include editing userpages and disobeying admins. These bans start with a 1 year ban

T5 Ban

The T5 Ban is the most serious one of the bans. T5 violations include copyright infringement (claiming someone else's work as your own), and sexual pornography.