"Stone bricks can be made by binding together several stones of regular shape. They are a strong building material, very resilient to explosions and digging."

Texture: Stone Brick
Tool: Pickaxeempty2
Block ID: 26
Transparency: No
Blocks fluids: Yes
Luminosity 0
Fuel value 0
Stackable Yes (up to 40)
Flammable No
Edible No
Digging method Mining
Digging resilience 12
Explosion resilience 200
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0
Stone Bricks or brick block is a quite durable material that is crafted of 4 cobblestone blocks. It is a very good building material if the player wants to build walls or floor for a house. It is not present in recipes, so that's all it can

Crafting stone bricks out of cobblestone

be used for at the moment. Every four cobblestone blocks can be converted into four stone bricks, so you don't lose any cobblestone in the process.
Mining Times
Hand: 12 secs
Wooden Pickaxe: 3 secs
Stone Pickaxe: 2 secs
Iron Pickaxe: 1.5 secs