"Planks are a versatile construction material that can be obtain by cutting wood blocks into pieces. A multitude of useful items such as the crafting table or a chest can be made from planks. Planks are flammable and can be used as fuel in the furnace."

Image: Planks
Tool: Axeempty
Block ID: 21
Transparency: No
Blocks fluids: Yes
Furnace fuel: Yes (5 secs)
Luminosity 0
Fuel value 5
Stackable Yes (up to 40)
Flammable Yes
Edible No
Digging method Hacking
Digging resilience 5
Explosion resilience 10
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0

The plank is one of the most basic and useful materials in SurvivalCraft, being necessary for a number of implements and recipes. Planks are created using either the player's basic crafting ability or with a workbench. It is created by the player putting one or more blocks of Wood into a crafting grid.

The most important use of wooden planks is making crafting tables, which provides a 3x3 sized crafting grid to the player. Without a crafting table it is impossible to make any tools or light sources.


Recipe for Crafting Table

Mining Times
Hand 6 secs
Wooden Axe 0 secs
Stone Axe 1 sec
Iron Axe 0.71 secs

They are also very important because you can make sticks with them. This is significant, because all of the tools currently available in the game use sticks as shafts. Another way the player can use them is making a chest which is capable of storing 9 items. They are used in the recipe for creating wicker lamps and indirectly to create torches.

As of Alpha 1.3, they can used as a fuel in furnaces. Planks are a very weak fuel, so they exhaust quite fast, but are cheap.

Crafting With Planks

This is how you craft sticks


Making planks out of wood


Making a wicker lamp


Crafting a chest out of 8 planks


Yes, this is a Christmas tree!

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Usings planks as a fuel in a furnace