This page is about idea. What thing and how u want survival craft to add, pls edit it here. No nonsense idea I will just currently delete it if it is nonsense ideas.

1.Add pig spawner and the animal pig,what it use for: it's meat is for eating. From: User:The Pure Fighter

2.Add zombies, any kind of zombie and a zombie egg spawner only spawn at night it will just harm.From: User:The Pure Fighter

3. Guns

4. 3 gigantic things of each item in every world. Like 3 giant trees, bears, lions, bows, arrows, machetes, pumpkins, cotton plants, diamond, coal. And like giant, giant not like 1 or 2 pixels more, like 10000, pixels more and like 100 blocks more. And every single thing don't leave and out and make them all like medium difficulty to get. So many more people would get the game, 'cause u could make it like a contest to see who get like, 100, or 1000 big items first. And it would be fun!