In Harmless mode almost all danger is removed from the game. The animals will not attack unprovoked. Falls are less deadly. Health regeneration is very quick. Digging is 25% faster. This is the best way to learn to survive without taking much risks

Gameplay Advantages

  1. You deal less damage than in the other game modes
  2. You can mine blocks faster than in the other game modes
  3. You cannot die from freezing
  4. Animals will only attacked if provoked or if you attack them first. They won't attack for any reason
  5. You do not waste your stamina

Gameplay Disadvantages

  1. You are still prone to fire, freezing, etc will still affect your health
  2. You still have to sleep every 2 days
  3. Tools and weapons still break down at a certain point
  4. You won't get any spawner eggs

Other Notes

  • This is the recommended gamemode for beginners as it is the easiest survival mode out of the other ones in the game
  • You cannot edit world options once it is set to harmless mode, your world textures and skin are the only massive exceptions to this