A few guidelines of this wiki will help us keep this wiki in order. Please do not avoid these rules, lawyer your way through them or get a body guard to help you. Just read them carefully and just try to understand them

Before reading them

First, it must be noted that according to the Wikia site Terms of Use, no person under the age of 13 may access the site, with or without parental or legal guardian's permission, no exceptions. Furthermore, any person under the age of 18 must have such permission.

Please read wikia's terms of use

also read their privacy policy

and their community guidelines

The Rules

  1. When creating a new page, please respect general visual organisation of other already present pages, which includes the use of generic titles as "Description" etc. Always use the Preview option before publishing to be sure everything's in order
  2. Before creating a new page, please be sure to check and make sure there is not already a page on that particular subject and get permission from an admin of this wiki
  3. When creating a new page, please don't forget to add the categories it belongs to. This helps users find similar pages.
  4. When editing a page, please don't forget to fill the Edit Summary field at the top right corner of the edit page. It permits other contributors to understand your edit and why you've done it
  5. Do not remove any pages content without admin permission or a valid reason. ( A valid reason being incorrect info., outdated material, etc. ) If you are unsure about removing content, contact an admin. Better to be safe than sorry
  6. Please use only one account on this wiki. If caught with more then one account, both accounts will be indefinitely blocked from this wiki 
  7. Never edit userpages, this is considered as severe vandalism, and will also be considered hacking. If you find anything inappropriate on userpages or user talkpages, notify an admin immediatley
  8. In all areas of this wiki, you must listen to the admins and heed what they say. Failure to comply will result in a T4 Ban
  9. Vandalism is not supported on this wiki and could result in an immediate block without your ability to edit your own talk page, so you better watch out and obey this rule
  10. last rule, HAVE FUN! :D

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in an immediate block. All users blocked from this wiki are not able to edit their own talk page or send emails to eachother. IP addresses will be banned for a month and any other IP address sending a message to the blocked IP will also be blocked as well

Consequences (T1)

T1 is the most common type of block of the blocklist. These are for basic violations, like posting usless info on the articles rather in the forum, or not filling in the summary

First Offense: Warning

Second Offense: Blocked for 2 days

Third Offense: Blocked for 4 days

Fourth Offense: Blocked for 6 days

Fifth Offense: Blocked for 8 days

Sixth Offense: Blocked for 10 days

minor violations usually start at first offense, but worse could skip that

Consequences (T2)

T2 is slightly stronger, but does not mean this could block you for serious violation. T2 bans are for slightly more serious violations, like creating improper page without admin permission, profanity, etc

First Offense: Blocked for 4 days

Second Offense: Blocked for 8 days

Third Offense: Blocked for 12 days

Fourth Offense: Blocked for 16 days

Fifth Offense: Blocked for 20 days

Sixth Offense: Blocked for 1 month

Consequences (T3)

T3 is stronger and less common, These are for even more serious violations, like vandalism, socking, removing content from pages or inserting false information

First Offense: Blocked for 1 month

Second Offense: Blocked for 3 months

Third Offense: Blocked for 5 months

Fourth Offense: Blocked for 7 months

Fifth Offense: Blocked for 9 months

Sixth Offense: Blocked for 1 year

Vandalism starts at the third offense instead of the first, failure to comply with T3 violations will start at the sixth offense. Sockpuppetry will also start at the fourth offense, so be careful

Consequences (T4)

T4 is for some of the most severe violations out there, including editing userpages, disobeying admins, making blank pages, etc

First Offense: Blocked for 1 Year

Second Offense: Blocked for 2 Years

Third Offense: Blocked for 3 Years

Fourth Offense: Blocked for 4 Years

Fifth Offense: Blocked for 5 years

Sixth Offense: Blocked for a decade

Consequences (T5)

T5 is the most serious of the types, and they are given to users who post mass advertising to porn, inappropriate content and copyright infringement

First Offense: Blocked for 5 Years

Second Offense: Blocked indefinitely