"Gravel is an aggregate of fine stones. Chaches of gravel are often found underground, and sometimes covers beaches. It is then known under the name of Shingle. Gravel is a loose material that will collapse when tunneled under, and may easy bury the unwary, so be careful. It is the best source of rocks for throwing."

Texture: Gravel
Tool: Shovelempty2
Block ID: 6
Transparency: No
Blocks fluids: Yes
Luminosity 0
Fuel value 0
Flammable No
Edible No
Digging method Shovel
Digging resilience 3
Explosion resilience 20
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0

Gravel is a block that can only be found near water. In the Alpha 1.1 update the world generator was modified so, that gravel now spawns on beaches.

It isn't used in any recipes, but can be used as a building material. However, it is not popular because of its dark color and because it is very slow to mine.

Mining Times
Hand: 3 secs
Wooden Shovel: 1.5 secs
Stone Shovel: 1.33 secs
Iron Shovel: 1.2 secs