Texture: Grass
Tool: Shovelempty2
Block ID: 8
Transparency: No
Blocks fluids: Yes

Grass is a very important block, because it covers the surface everywhere, except for seas, deserts, and beaches. It has the same dig resistance as sand and dirt, and drops dirt when mined. Grass blocks can not be obtained currently, and grass does not regrow on dirt blocks that are placed on the surfce.

Grass is one of the blocks, that the player can sleep on.

Sometimes tall grass, blue flowers, and white flowers grow on top of grass.

It is not required for any recipes, since is is not gatherable.

Mining Times
Hand: 1.5 secs
Wooden Shovel: 0.75 secs
Stone Shovel: 0.67 secs
Iron Shovel: 0.6 secs