"A transparent block made by smelting sand in the furnace. Very useful for making windows or brightening up dark areas. It is a very brittle material that will irrecoverably shatter when hit by something hard."

Texture: Glass
Tool: Pickaxeempty2
Block ID: 15
Transparency: Yes
Blocks fluids: Yes
Luminosity 0
Fuel value 0
Stackable Yes (up to 40)
Flammable No
Edible No
Digging method Mining
Digging resilience 3
Explosion resilience 0
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0

Glass, also referred to as window, is a transparent block, that can be made by placing a block of sand and a piece of coal into a crafting grid. It was present in the game when it was released. When building, most players use it to make windows. Hovewer, there is another type of glass (Framed Glass), which looks more like a window, since it has frames. Currently, making framed windows is the only receipt with glass.

Mining Times
Hand: 4 secs
Wooden Pickaxe: 1 sec
Stone Pickaxe: 0.67 secs
Iron Pickaxe: 0.5 secs

Crafting with Sand

Creating glass


Crafting framed glass requires a glass block and 2 sticks.