Cruel mode is the same as Challenging, but you will not be able to respawn. Play wisely, because once you are dead, your world is lost! This is the hardest of the survival gamemodes

Gaming Advantages

  1. Good for people who like hardcore gamemodes

Gaming Disadvantages

  1. Finite supply of blocks and items, etc.
  2. Almost anything can kill you
  3. Animals are more provoked than in Harmless mode.
  4. Sleep is necessary every 2 days
  5. Tools and weapons break at a certain point
  6. No spawner eggs (except birds) are in this mode
  7. Once you die, you lose your world forever

Other notes

  • Cruel mode is good for hardcore players who want to try to survive without respawning
  • This mode is the same as Challenging mode, but you can't respawn
  • You cannot change the game mode once you set it on cruel mode