Creative Mode allows you to build freely without having to find resources. You cannot be harmed by animals or any other way. You have an infinite supply of all items and all blocks can be mined infinitely fast. You are also immortal and can fly.

Creative modes are one of the two game modes that can be changed later to a different mode, the other two are Challenging and Harmless.

Advantages of creative mode

  • You can fly
  • You are immortal
  • You have in infinite supply of materials
  • You can dig down blocks super fast even with bare hands

Disadvantages of creative mode

  • You can still die if you fly up too high
  • You will also die if you go down too low
  • You can still die from being crushed by physical objects

Other notes

  • This mode is most commonly changed to adventure mode, which is the mode that can be uploaded
  • You can set the digging speed for this mode