"A chunk of pure coal. Can be used for fueling the furnace and as an ingredient of various substances, like gunpowder. Used as a reagent when reducing metal ores to pure metal. Also used as a pigment for making darker hues of paint. In absence of mineral coal, you can burn wood in an oxygen poor atmosphere in the furnace and obtain a similar substance: Charcoal."

Texture: Coal
Block ID: 22
Transparency: No
Blocks fluids: Yes
Furnace fuel: Yes (100 secs)
Luminosity: 0
Fuel value 80
Stackable Yes (up to 40)
Flammable No
Edible No
Digging Method Mining
Digging resilience 1
Explosion resilience 1
Attack power 1
Explosion power 0

Coal is an ore found underground and sometimes above the surface. When mined, coal ore drops 8 pieces of coal. It can be carried around in stacks, 40 pieces per slot. It is an important resource, since the player can smelt other resources with it in a furnace, such as malachite, iron ore, and sand. They are also necessary for making torches. Putting two blocks of wood into a crafting grid produces coal so mining coal ore is not the only way to obtain it. It is the most commonly used furnace fuel since it lasts for the longest time, which is 48 seconds. Coal can be thrown like eggs or snowballs.

Recipes with Coal:

Crafting 2 torches out of coal and a stick

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Smelting two blocks of wood produces a piece of coal.